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CLOSED 24 August -15 September 2019

Sydney-based LASER4MEN specialises exclusively in male Super Hair Removal (SHR-IPL) plus body waxing and clippering. 

Have you avoided getting hair reduction treatments because you thought it was painful, or you had red or blond hair...and a tan?

Sorted! At LASER4MEN you can get pain free, permanent hair reduction throughout the year. With our new Super Hair Removal System (SHR) we can achieve much more effective permanent reduction results with blond and red hair than any other too.

Privacy: You shied away from intimate laser treatment because salons are generally staffed by women? Sorted! At LASER4MEN you can have intimate work done, achieve a hairless crack and a smooth shaft because work is done privately by a male therapist. Go ahead! Ask for laser treatment on your shaft and your scrotum. There is no patter of feet outside the door. There is not even a waiting room outside. All work is by appointment only. Backs, arms and legs, your butt, crack and intimate parts can be lasered in complete privacy. No questions.

Pain and Comfort: The fourth-generation SHR machine used at LASER4MEN employs a special in-motion technique instead of the old-fashioned spot-for-spot method. This new technology gradually and evenly heats the melanin and achieves results quickly while the intense contact cooling delivered at the skin level provides maximum comfort and safety with virtually no pain.


Super Hair Removal (SHR/IPL)
Situated in Cambridge Street LaserForMen is halfway between the Newtown and Stanmore stations near the Enmore Theatre. Both stations are easily walkable or
there are excellent bus services to Enmore Road.

LASER4MEN is exclusively for men only. All bookings are by appointment only. SMS for an appointment.