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Permanent hair reduction treatments in a private environment for men only.

Permanent hair reduction that is done in private and treatments are virtually pain free.

Dark hair - Light skin: You don't have to have dark hair and light skin only. 4th generation technology makes hair reduction on tanned skin very effective while it achieves better results with blond and red hair than was possible before. Grey hairs unfortunately are still not doable...

Pain and Comfort: The LASER4MEN fourth-generation SHR technology employs an in-motion technique instead of the old-fashioned spot-for-spot method. The even heat combined with intense cooling at the skin level maximize comfort and safety with virtually no pain.

Privacy: At LASER4MEN you can have your intimate work done privately by a male therapist. Reduce the hairs in your crack or on your shaft and your scrotum in complete privacy. There has never been an easier way to laser your back, arms and legs, or to laser your butt and intimate parts.


  An evaluation with a patch test is FREE.

TEXT 0404 308860 for an appointment .

Situated in Cambridge Street - Enmore - Sydney
LaserForMen is halfway between the Newtown and Stanmore stations near the Enmore Theatre. Both stations are easily walkable or there are excellent bus services to Enmore Road.

LASER4MEN is exclusively for men only.
All bookings are by appointment only.