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  Permanent hair Reduction

LASER4MEN is an affiliate of WAXING4BLOKES which opened in 2006. Trained in Sydney, LASER4MEN has acquired the latest 4th generation technology to tackle permanent hair reduction.

No longer confined to dark hair, white bodies and winter, the LASER4MEN technology is more effective on both blond hair and red hair. Although grey hair is still untreatable it is also possible now to have effective treatment when you have a moderate tan.

Pain Free:
What most men remember about laser and IPL treatments in the past are the smells and the pain. With this new technology there is no smell and virtually no pain.

The SHR in-motion technology delivers less direct heat at the topical level of the skin and gradually generates and increases heat to the hair follicle and its surrounding tissue well below the skin surface. Using the hair follicle melanin as a heat reservoir together with direct heating, the SHR system more effectively prevents regrowth of hair.

  Skin Rejuvenation

The LASER4MEN machine is one of the most effective ways to improve skin texture, fade pigmentation and help minimise diffuse background redness. Light treatment is highly effective on skin conditions like acne and rosasea. It can improve skin texture, remove spider veins and skin pigmentation and encourage collagen & elastin production for a fresher appearance.

IPL skin rejuvenation, sometimes called photorejuvenation, is a safe, gradual process which allows you to return to you regular activities after a treatment without 'down time'.
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The LASER4MEN technology is safer than most laser systems and just as effective as top-end light treatment systems for permanent hair reduction.

The hand piece tip provides intense contact cooling to the skin, thereby protecting it an preventing superficial heat injury. TheL4Msolution provides pain free, fast and effective, reliable results for achieving permanent hair reduction.








LASER4MEN is exclusively for men only and all bookings are by appointment only.
SMS for an appointment. When you do, please include a day and a time that suits you. We'll go from there.
Mobile: 0404 308860 - Note: If I don't answer, it means I'm with someone. Send an SMS.
Address: Cambridge Street, Enmore.

* There are no female therapists at
LASER4MEN - It's men's work done by a man. *
* It is not a salon but private instead. Strictly by appointment. *