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What 2 Expect
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What 2 Expect

Before any treatment:

Before treatment can begin, you must be screened to establish your skin type and to ensure you don't take or do anything that might put you at risk in any way. Risks can include any number of medications, photosensitive treatments or skin conditions. Check out the Do's and Don'ts here.

Patch test:

If you pass the screening, the next thing is a patch test. This means treating a small area, usually under your upper arm. Then we wait 72 hours to see if you have any aftereffects.

If there are no effects, you can do your first treatment.

Preparing for your first treatment:

Shave the areas to be treated on the day or no more than 2 days before. We need the stubbles themselves because the light targets the pigment in it to reach the follicle to disable it. Please don't wax or pluck before a treatment.

On the day:

During your treatment you will wear special glasses to protect your eyes.

We will clean the area and apply imaging gel. The SHR machine will be set to your skin type and hair colour setting as determined during your screening.

How long does it take?

A back, sack and crack could take around 1 hour to complete. Much less if only some of those areas are treated.

After the treatment:

Aloe Vera gel or sunblock may be applied if needed after the treated areas are wiped clean of the imaging gel.


You will be able to go right back to work after your treatment.


Other than the cold imaging gel when it is applied, and the tingling sensation when the SHR machine is in operation, there is virtually no pain.